⬆️NFT upgrade system

Get your NFTs evolving in-game, and sell them with the improved properties

Buy or get weapons or champions in-game, transform them into NFTs, and sell them into a secondary market to benefit from their improved properties.

Crypto champion NFTs are not just digital Champions or images that sit in your wallet, they are assets with utilities that you can use to get more rewards!

The upgradable NFT smart contract is made to buy, upgrade & sell improved Champions/items through NFT tokens.

The new concept of changing tokens' on-chain attributes is a feature developed by the CCG studio team, in order to get a new vision of NFTs.

Every NFT item such as champions, weapons, or equipment can be upgraded in order to get more powerful ones.

How does it work?

1) Champions

Champions can be basic (free) Champions or NFT Champions.

The first edition NFT Champions are more competitive (see Champion's page) than the basic free-to-play ones.

By minting a new Champion on Cryptochampion.game, you will receive your NFT, level 1 but with increased stats, directly in your wallet.

Now that you have it, you can alter your Champion's capabilities and statistics by playing the game (changing its name, increasing its strength, unlocking pets and spells ...). You are evolving your champion and trying to be stronger in the Arena.

Are you fed up with your Champion? Did you just find someone interested in your Champion? Do you just want to trade it because its value increased? Fair enough, you can sell it ...

Sell your NFT Champion, but with the stats and progression you made linked to it, by upgrading your NFT!

While upgrading your NFT, you are linking your progression in the game to your NFT: Any level increase, statistic spent, the name given, spell or pet unlocked, Champion's wheel turned, XP earned... will be linked to your new NFT. It means that by trading it, the new owner will receive a better champion.


You mint your NFT Champion level 1. You play 10 matches, win them all and your champion is now level 3. You spend all the stats in Strength so instead of 50 strengths you now have 65 strengths. Using the wheel, you unlocked a teddy bear and the Dynamite spell.

While upgrading your NFT, all this information will be stored in the NFT metadata, and so while trading your NFT, the new owner will be able to begin the adventure with an NFT champion level 3 and continue making it evolve. Your NFT is then more valuable.


1) Go on the minting page, select your champion, and click on the "Upgrade NFT" button.

2) Validate the transaction in Metamask: Your old NFT is burned and replaced by the new one.

3) Trade your new NFT as you wish

Important: any weapon & equipment which has been linked to your Champion when you minted it will be transferred to the new owner when you trade it!

2) Weapons (coming soon)

Weapons are Crypto Champions game items that are represented with the use of NFTs. It is allowing players to trade them on open markets such as Opensea.io.

Originally, weapons are equipment given by the game while playing and opening chests.

Using the forgery, you are now able to make your weapon an NFT!

Having it now in your wallet, you can trade your weapon anywhere you like.

Minting your own weapon, freshly looted with statistics randomly created is a brand new experience for gamers. it is feasible thanks to Token's metadataURI, a way to assign some data to our game items and use it anywhere we want, in-game or on open markets. (see https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-721)

Each NFT token has tokenURI set to URL (commonly IPFS) that resolves to metadata.json file. IPFS is a good choice due to its benefits. Immutability is the special feature that shines when it is supposed to be traded.


By playing with your strongest champion, you just looted a brand new bow, giving +25 agility. Nice one, eh? You're pretty convinced that a lot of people would be interested in equipping it for their Champion.

You go on the forgery page, you mint your NFT, and so your weapon is now an ERC-721 NFT token. You decide to sell it on Opensea.io.

Great! Someone bought it! Your NFT is now transferred to the new owner's wallet.

The new owner, by connecting his Metamask to Cryptochampion.game, can see the newly bought weapon in the inventory, can equip any champion with it, and be stronger in the arena!

Important: Using the forgery, you can improve your weapon, adding some stats and rarity to it. Do it before minting it as an NFT to increase its value!

NFT upgrade is a very important feature of Crypto Champion. While being a brand new thing in the crypto world, it is giving us a lot of opportunities in the future.

3) Pets (coming soon)

Respecting the same principle as the weapons, pets will be upgradable NFTs.

You can loot eggs, or sometimes pets directly.

When you loot an egg, it is linked to your account. If you want to trade it, you will have to transform it into NFT! To do so, go to the pet center, and click on the "NFT upgrade" button. By validating the transaction, you will mint your NFT egg and be able to trade it anywhere you want.

When you bought an egg on the exchange, it is now yours and linked to your Metamask address. You will find it on the pet center page and will be able to continue the breeding.

When hatching time is in, you will need to click on the "Hatch" button, and validate the Metamask transaction to burn your egg NFT and transform it into a Pet NFT. Of course, if you looted your egg directly and didn't transform it into an NFT, then hatching will give you a normal PET, that you will have to mint before exchanging it on any marketplace.

When you loot a pet, it is linked to your account. If you want to trade it, you will have to transform it into NFT! To do so, go to the pet center, and click on the "NFT upgrade" button. By validating the transaction, you will mint your NFT pet and be able to trade it anywhere you want, as well as feed it and level it up.

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