😁User's personal page

The first nft game with complex social features

With CryptoChampion, you are able to meet people! Speaking with your friends in your favorite game is a very nice added experience. That's why we are developing every social aspect.

After creating your account, your personal page is automatically linked to you. We call that the user's personal page.

You can access the user's personal page by clicking on your name in the top right of the champion's screen.

Here, you will find your name, the date you created the account, your club and all of your success (coming soon). You can also find your win ratio, your level, your rank, your total trophies your actual arena, the number of champions you got, the stronger champion's level, and if you want to, your ERC20 address (coming soon).

You can personalize your user page, by choosing a profile picture with one of your NFTs, a flag, and a description (coming soon)

Finally, you will find on this page, a few different buttons: Add friend: send a friend request, and if accepted, permit the 2 users to discuss together on the friend's page and Club: redirecting you to the club's page (coming soon)

To find one of your friends, just go on the friend's page with his name and send a friend request (Coming soon). You can also just add the name on your friend's page.

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