🎲Free Champion set up

Create your champion

This is one of the easiest steps and possibly the most addicting: your account creation!

Most importantly you don't need to add your real name to play. We don't collect any data but an email address and a password so you can retrieve your account! To get all the features, an ERC20 address is necessary, where you will store your CryptoChampion NFTs and gems. Though, you will still be able to play the game without connecting to any crypto wallet.

Please note that you will be able to connect with more than one wallet by creating new accounts, but can't link 2 addresses to one account.

In order to bring your first CryptoChampion to life, you will need to complete a few steps. It's easy and completely free!

1) Go to cryptochampion.game, and click on the "Enter the arena" button.

2) Create your account, by clicking on the "You don't have an account?" link and providing an email and a password, or by using Google/Facebook/Apple to log in (Coming soon). You can also connect one shot without creating an account by clicking the yellow guest (G) button. Be aware that if you leave the game, you won't have again to your guest account.

3) Click on the link received by email to validate your address email. You can then come back to the game to connect.

4) To create your Champion, choose between Fantasy, Undead, Western, Military, and Cyberpunk classes. You will find more information about each class in this whitepaper (see previous page). Then choose the most epic nickname! You may change the name later using some mushrooms, the secondary game currency.

5) Follow the tutorial. Click on the orange arrow to continue. You can take all the time you need to discover the game with Porky.

Your first champion is now ready to fight! Please note that this free champion will have basic attributes, but will still be able to earn some tokens for free! To get a stronger champion, you will have to find a champion NFT, basically stronger and earning more tokens on their fights.

You are now ready to fight in the Arena. Choose your battle mode, enter the arena, mint some weapons, and create/buy new champions! Use your gems and mushrooms in the shop, or stake your $CCG to get daily rewards (Coming soon). Invite your friends, be part of a club (Coming soon), and be the first on the ladder!

But take care! Each of your champions can play only 5 times in one day (1 energy bar renewed every 4 hours) choose your opponent wisely and start farming levels, mushrooms, and gems!

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