🔥Burn mechanism

What is a burn mechanism?

The burning mechanism is the process by which tokens are removed from circulation and reduces the number of tokens in use.

The tokens are sent to a wallet address that cannot be used for transactions other than receiving the coins. The wallet is outside the network, and the tokens can no longer be used. The address wallet is looking like 0x0000...00DeAd.

CryptoChampion game is focused on burning tokens CCM & CCG to ensure the whole of the ecosystem its principle of rarity and value.

Burn mechanism IN-GAME🔥🎮


The shop hosts a large number of items allowing each player to continue their adventure and reach new heights.

Each purchase of in-game items and consumables in the shop will be automatically withdrawn from circulation by a principle of burn mechanism. The shop also hosts special events and limited items, skins, as well as exclusive sales.

We have attached particular importance to the store so that we can offer an exclusive experience to each player, but also allow everyone to be able to spend tokens CCG/CCM to improve their skills in the arena.

NFT Upgrade

NFT upgrades are a great novelty, and we are proud to be able to offer this functionality to each of the crypto champion players. Indeed, each player can at any time synchronize his character on the Ethereum chain and update his NFT(s).

In addition to the gas fees which are mandatory on the Ethereum blockchain, updating NFTs (champions, objects, equipment, or even consumables) requires a predefined number of CCMs/CCMs to be able to leverage the efforts of players in the game arena.

Each token that will be used to update its NFT on the blockchain will be automatically burned

Talents spin

Talents spin are persistent upgrades that you can purchase with $CCM, and sometimes with $CCG in addition. Buy new talent levels by upgrading your talents on the talent page.

The talent spin has been designed to reward players but also to maximize the burn of CCM by offering the best gaming experience to players. We have created a tailor-made algorithm to allow each player to increase their character, but also to offer them the possibility of having exceptional gains such as equipment, objects, spells, or even pets.

All $CCM and $CCG used will be burned and taken out of the game system to ensure intrinsic value to each token.

It was also important for us to increase the cost of using each spin, proportionally to the number of times it was used to maximize the difficulty and experience of the games.

NFT Mint

The Crypto Champion game highlights its intuitive mint system (In-game & out-game). There are two types of mint possible:

  • Mint full package NFT champion ( $CCG )

(Only for secondary edition, the first edition is only mintable in ETH.)

The mint of the full package Crypto Champion will only require ETH and a connection to Metamask to send you the NFT that represents the package.

  • Mint weapon ( $CCG ) (Coming soon)

The mint of an NFT weapon will require a predefined number of $CCM tokens. The purchase of an NFT weapon requires a metamask connection, to transfer the NFT which represents the title of ownership of the weapon. All $CCM tokens will be automatically burned.

Pet center

Pets are as important in the crypto champion game and we have paid special attention so that they can attract the attention of all players. Pets accompany players in the arena, and can also be improved to gain power and allow you to reach the high level of the game.

In the same way as champions, there is a spin talent that allows you to increase the intrinsic characteristics of your pet(s). The talent spin requires the use of CCM to significantly increase the power of your pet(s). The more you spin, the more it costs.

Pets dropped in the game can also be upgraded to NFT through the NFT upgrade system. This operation will cost CCM tokens


There are several types of tournaments, except those free, participation in tournaments requires paying entry fees in CCM / CCG. The price of entry depends on the tournament, and the number of players.

All CCM and CCG tokens will be automatically burned.


The forge is one of the most important places in the arena. A great wise man once said, "Give me eight hours to chop down a tree, I'll spend six preparing my axe."

Players will be able to improve all of their equipment, and weapons in the Forge, but these improvements have a cost that will have to be paid in CCM tokens.

The more you try to improve a weapon, the more its cost in CCM increases. Upgrading a weapon is not automatic, indeed it can fail and have negative effects on the weapon in question.

Burn mechanism ON-CHAIN🔥⛓️

Smartcontract Burn mechanisms

We have developed in our smart contract a function that allows us to automatically burn a % of a transaction on the chain.

A percentage predefined by a vote will be set up and will burn with each transaction outside the CCM / CCG token game

Buyback burn program

The CCG token buyback program was set up to encourage players to keep their CCG over the long term. A percentage of in-game revenue (On the Apple Store, and the Android Store) will automatically be used to redeem CCG tokens at market price (Cross market).

The CCG tokens purchased will be automatically sent to a 0X00000000000 address so that they are permanently burned (a link will be published quarterly on our website to monitor and verify the transparency of the buyback program).

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