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Life is not always a long calm river. When luck fails them, many will give up. They feel helpless, vulnerable, and defenseless against the vagaries of fate. How can they succeed if fate is against them?

The Military Champions don't have that kind of thinking. Here is a proud people who do not believe in fate. For centuries, they have fought to survive in the most inhospitable conditions. The heat of the battle, the ash-laden winds that sweep the moors of the battlefield? The endless war in the arena, the bloody battles where all shots are allowed? These are just challenges to overcome.

When the Grim Reaper comes looking for them, a smirk on his emaciated lips, they don't give up. They remain fighting, weapons in hand until their last breath. The Military Champs fight to the death...

Western :

Western Champions are undoubtedly the only ones able to stay the night on the plains of the World of Champions without being unsettled by the mournful cries that one hears there.

The masses of crows, picking at corpses? The whispers of the undead? Nothing frightens them. Quite simply because no creature has secrets for them... They read the hearts of animals like an open book. Moreover, any creature endowed with a little reason will avoid meeting the gaze of a Westernian, for fear of indulging body and soul. And who knows what a Westernian might do with a willing creature...

Western Champions have an envied power, that of summoning tame creatures from their ancestors on horseback (which they most often intend for combat). They also make remarkable trainers. Also, rumor has it that they make their clothes with the skin of their enemies, but go ask a Westernian about it if you dare... You may find out that your life ends in the form of a boot or a stuffed hat.


Beware of an Undead Champion giving you the hint of an interesting look: before you have time to breathe a sigh, you risk being stabbed in the back, or even having an appendage cut off! Disciples of the god of riches, their purses are heavy with treasure, but also languages: every Undead knows that a good tongue is a source of information that can prove to be very lucrative. Trussing up the tails of a tunic, feeling the bottom of a pocket, showing tact, and finally stealthily sneaking away the coveted jewelry, that's what delights the undead.

Robbers, scammers, thieves, pilferers, purse cutters, looters, and cheaters! They are often found where we do not want to see them: in bank vaults, dark corners, at the end of the laces of your wallet...


The Fantasy class are magicians, but also protectors of the balance of the Crypto Champion World. Since the Meta Breeze blew with increased vigor upon the world, many Champions have learned to wield the power of the elements... but few are able to master them like the Fantasian. As a true conductor, the Fantasian imposes a rhythm, indicating a direction. In order to assert his control over matter, the Fantasian tries to grasp its quintessence. With his fingertips, he traces the four esoteric signs that unite to form the gems; symbols of the Champion's world. Knowing how to unleash the power of the gems at the right time is the prerogative of a great Fantasian. Nothing is more formidable than an opponent who is always one step ahead and who can turn the situation around by dispelling a strange mark that has appeared under your feet.


A very long time ago, there lived in the meta CryptoChampion world a very technologically advanced people, who managed to link weapons and technology to give life to the Cyber class.

These people fanatically worship Elon Mask, the "Cyber" form of the god. Always closer to the ocean, they had designed very sophisticated diving suits and submarines allowing them to explore the seabed and discover the oceans of the World of Champions. One day, an earthquake caused most of the city of Cyberia to sink underwater. During underwater searches to try to find the king's daughter of Cyber people, the CryptoChampion gems factory was found... which changed the lives of the Cyber people forever!

By taking advantage of the CCG energy contained in the Gems, they created a huge underwater dome and then continued to live underwater by building an entire city there. This is how Cybers have disappeared from the surface of the world.

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